Commit 2eb08f98 authored by Xiaoxiao Liu's avatar Xiaoxiao Liu Committed by Code Review
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Merge topic 'TreeHeatmapItemFix' into master

156390e9 Another approach to fix this degenerate case
110169fd FIX: for degenerate tree with a single leave.
parents 3eede655 156390e9
......@@ -140,10 +140,16 @@ void vtkTreeHeatmapItem::SetTree(vtkTree *tree)
double rangeMinimum = 2.0;
if (numLeavesInBiggestSubTree < rangeMinimum)
rangeMinimum = numLeavesInBiggestSubTree;
this->TriangleLookupTable->SetHueRange(0.5, 0.045);
2.0, static_cast<double>(numLeavesInBiggestSubTree));
rangeMinimum, static_cast<double>(numLeavesInBiggestSubTree));
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