Commit 0c6925a7 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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pre-commit: Allow .gitattributes to limit file size

Check for a 'hooks.MaxObjectKiB' attribute to set the limit of specific
files or patterns.
parent 48e72dd1
......@@ -114,14 +114,49 @@ check_mode() {
size_max_KiB=$(git config hooks.MaxObjectKiB)
test -n "$size_max_KiB" || size_max_KiB=1024
size_too_large_once() {
test -z "$size_too_large_once" || return ; size_too_large_once=done
echo 'At least one file is staged for commit with size larger than its limit.
We prefer to keep large files out of the main source tree, especially
binary files that do not compress well. This hook disallows large files
by default but can be configured. A limit for specific files or patterns
may be set in ".gitattributes" with the "hooks.MaxObjectKiB" attribute.
For example, the line
*.c hooks.MaxObjectKiB=2048
sets a limit of 2048 KiB for C source files. See "git help attributes"
for details on the .gitattributes format. If no attribute has been set
for a given file then its size is limited by the local default. Run
git config hooks.MaxObjectKiB $KiB
to set the local default limit (0 to disable).
size_too_large() {
echo "The path '$file' has size $file_KiB KiB, greater than the maximum $size_max_KiB KiB."
echo 'Run "git config hooks.MaxObjectKiB $KiB" to set local limit, 0 to disable.'
echo "The path '$file' has size $file_KiB KiB, greater than allowed $max_KiB KiB."
size_validate_max_KiB() {
test "$max_KiB" -ge "0" 2>/dev/null && return 0
echo "The path '$file' has invalid attribute \"hooks-MaxObjectKiB=$max_KiB\"."
return 1
check_size() {
if test "$size_max_KiB" -gt "0" -a "$dst_obj" != "$zero"; then
test "$dst_obj" != "$zero" || return
max_KiB=$(git check-attr hooks.MaxObjectKiB -- "$file" |
sed 's/^[^:]*: hooks.MaxObjectKiB: //')
case "$max_KiB" in
'unset') return ;; # No maximum for this object.
'set') max_KiB="$size_max_KiB" ;; # Use local default.
'unspecified') max_KiB="$size_max_KiB" ;; # Use local default.
*) size_validate_max_KiB || return ;;
if test "$max_KiB" -gt "0"; then
file_KiB=$(expr '(' $(git cat-file -s "$dst_obj") + 1023 ')' / 1024)
test "$file_KiB" -le "$size_max_KiB" || size_too_large
test "$file_KiB" -le "$max_KiB" || size_too_large
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