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      If pyexpander is available, run it and check the source file. · adad7026
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Although we cannot expect every developer to have pyexpander, for those
      that do the build will automatically run it and check the expanded file
      in the source code. If they match, a descriptive error is given.
      We don't automatically update the file because subtle problems might
      occur. It is better to alert a developer to fix the problem properly.
  7. 25 Jun, 2014 2 commits
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      Replace Boost preprocessor iteration with macro expansion tool · 5fb7f638
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      This commit removes the usage of the boost preprocessor library to
      iteratively generate templates with a variable number of parameters. It
      is replaced with a template that is expanded by running it through the
      pyexpander macro processing tool (http://pyexpander.sourceforge.net).
      One reason for this change is to make the code easier to read. In
      particular, it is difficult to understand compiler errors when they
      occur deep within an iterating macro. Another reason for this change is
      that the Intel compiler currently has a bug that breaks with the boost
      preprocessor library.
      One issue with this approach is that the macro expansion is not part of
      the build process. Although open, pyexpander is not a tool most
      developers will have readily installed on their system. Thus, if you
      want to make changes to any of the macro code, you have to make sure
      pyexpander is installed, then make changes to the input files, then
      manually run pyexpander from the command line.
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      Merge branch 'container-to-storage' · 2f1d910e
      Kenneth Moreland authored
  8. 24 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      Change ArrayContainerControl to Storage. · 21823500
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      After a talk with Robert Maynard, we decided to change the name
      ArrayContainerControl to Storage. There are several reasons for this
      1. The name ArrayContainerControl is unwieldy. It is long, hard for
      humans to parse, and makes for long lines and wraparound. It is also
      hard to distinguish from other names like ArrayHandleFoo and
      2. The word container is getting overloaded. For example, there is a
      SimplePolymorphicContainer. Container is being used for an object that
      literally acts like a container for data. This class really manages
      3. The data does not necessarily have to be on the control side.
      Implicit containers store the data nowhere. Derivative containers might
      have all the real data on the execution side. It is possible in the
      future to have storage on the execution environment instead of the
      control (think interfacing with a simulator on the GPU).
      Storage is not a perfect word (what does implicit storage really mean?),
      but its the best English word we came up with.
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