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    Follow through on changes required by resource inheritance. · c57053cd
    David Thompson authored
    There are consequences to making everything (mostly) in SMTK
    inherit either Resource or Component.
    A bunch of stuff related to model entities needs to be generalized
    to deal with resource components of any type.
    This commit moves classes around and/or provides alternate versions
    to accomplish this.
    + Add a new top-level SMTK subsystem named **view** for dealing
      with presentation of resources and components to the user.
        + Note that smtk::common::`View` should move here at some point.
        + Make a new DescriptivePhrase and SubphraseGenerator in smtk::view.
          These are extremely similar to the versions in smtk::model
          but deal with components of any type.
          Eventually, the versions in smtk::model should disappear.
        + Add new phrase types to the view subsystem:
            + `PhraseList` which replaces `EntityListPhrase` and more
            + `ComponentPhrase` which replaces `EntityPhrase`
            + `ResourcePhrase` which displays the filename holding components.
        + Add the unitDescriptivePhrase test in `smtk/view/testing/cxx` that
          will print out a hierarchy that contains most of the information that
          was in the previous model-specific tree.
    + Add a new `ComponentItem` and `ComponentItemDefinition` to the attribute system.
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