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    Many changes to support resource and operation reorg. · d31e963f
    David Thompson authored
    + Add an abstract PhraseModel class and a concrete ResourcePhraseModel class.
      A PhraseModel owns a DescriptivePhrase hierarchy and the SubphraseGenerator
      instances attached to it. The PhraseModel class maintains the hierarchy as
      operations and selections are performed by users.
      A PhraseModel may be configured by an SMTK views.
      PhraseModel provides some methods for its children to override that
      make managing the hierarchy much simpler.
    + Add a JSON deserialization for smtk::view::View and test that it matches
      the equivalent XML description.
    + Add an observe() method to resource manager.
      Now it is possible to get notified when a resource is added/removed.
      Note that the notification comes *after* the operation that reads the
      resource has completed.
    + Track both resources and resource managers with pqProxy subclasses.
    + Add a ParaView plugin panel that presents resources in a model-tree view.
    + Provide minimal registration of the model manager to the resource manager.
    + Add DescriptivePhrase::visitChildren() method for traversing a phrase
      hierarchy in order to update it.
    + Fix issues with operator result creation.
      Model operators still need to use their Session's attribute collection to
      create the result while the new-style operators should use the operator
      manager. This will change again when the new operation manager is
      modified to use an attribute collection per operator rather than a single
      instance for the manager.
    + Implement more of ComponentItemDefinition and partially implement XML
      I/O of attributes with ComponentItems. The associated components of an
      attribute are still not synchronized/serialized/deserialized.
    + Provide some model-operator-specific code to copy result
      summary items from ModelEntityItems to ComponentItems with
      similar names (now also defined in Session.cxx).
      In the long term, ModelEntityItem should disappear.
    + Make Resource store a weak pointer to its manager,
      not a raw pointer. Since the manager may not hold the
      only shared pointer to a resource, the resource may outlive
      its manager and should still behave.
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