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      Merge pull request #244 from yumin/refactor-discrete-session-variables · 68b231c8
      Yumin Yuan authored
      Refactor static variables related to discrete Session
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      Changed the static variables in discrete session to be non-static · e020148a
      Yumin Yuan authored
      The static members in discrete Session are from old design before the
      sessions are part of model manager, and they are inconsistent with other
      type of sessions. So the logic in discrete Session are modified to make
      them non-static. Some operators are also modified to be compatile with
      this change.
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      Refactor how discrete session load models and keeps model records · 70ac860f
      Yumin Yuan authored
      Instead of using a static session object in cmbParserV5, the session object is passed into
      the reading operation so that it can be used to assign UUIDs to entities if there are field arrays
      for entity UUIDs; if there is no UUID array for certain entities, the session will create
      and assign new UUIDs for them. This way cmb models will have consistent UUIDs across
      different runs so that entity-attribute associations, which is recorded with UUIDs, will
      be consistent, so is color-by entity UUIDs.
      NOTE: Currently only vtkCMBParserV5 is using the discrete session
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