1. 04 Jan, 2018 11 commits
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      Temporary fix to avoid segfaults when exiting cmb6. · 326183b5
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      Things are not getting destroyed in the correct order, vtkSMTKResourceManagerProxy
      is gone before other pqProxies.  This fix only allows cmb6 to exit normally so that
      panel positions are correctly restored between runs.
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      Create and make representations visible by default in new views. · 29be447a
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      pqApplyBehavior makes the model visible on the initial view. Additional
      views need to create and make their representations visible, this is done
      through pqSMTKBehavior.
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      Some fixes after representation move into server/plugin. · 3ca6b18b
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      Added missing parts in representation xml. Added property to enable/disable
      multi-block inspector coloring. Fixed ColorBy updates.
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    • Alvaro Sanchez's avatar
      Fix wrapping build issues. · 261c57af
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      Fixes errors: No rule to make target '*Hierarchy'. Manually excludes classes
      that do not need wrapping.
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      Move representation classes; progress on visibility. · 3e2cc045
      David Thompson authored
      + Move DescriptivePhrase subclasses (that describe content) into
        a PhraseContent class, instances of which are owned by DescriptivePhrase.
        The plan is to separate the hierarchy of subjects from the content of the subject
        so that attributes of the subject can be overridden via the decorator pattern.
        This leaves phrase lists with improper descriptions since the common/union
        flag values are not set properly (among other things).
      + Start trying to display "eyeball" visibility icon selectively -- only
        when the PhraseContent advertises it as available.
      + Use a the new visitor method of vtkCompositeDataDisplayAttributes to
        fetch per-view block visibility information from mappers.
      + Try to keep `ENTITYID` out of SMTK except for the `vtkModelMultiBlockSource`.
      + Attach UUID to both the multiblock metadata and the actual `vtkDataObject`
        instance. The latter is preferrable in almost every instance since it is
        then possible for methods passed only a data object to get its UUID.
        This is necessary for the PV representation's visibility modification
        queries to work properly since, when iterating over visibility entries in
        vtkCompositeDataDisplayAttribute, only the block is available, not its metadata.
      + Move representation classes to the smtkPVServerExt and smtkPQComponentsExt libraries.
        This is necessary to avoid cyclic dependencies between the representation
        and the resource panel (which will soon display/modify the representation's
        visibility information).
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      Expose line color property. · ef2d2ae7
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
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      Exposed representation subtypes. · c5224aa9
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      Poins, Wireframe, Surface, Surface with edges.
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      Add ColorMode (color-by-entity and color-by-volume). · da4fb1cb
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      In order to get access to an EntityRef's color property, pqRepresentation
      provides a smtk::model::ManagerPtr to the vtkSMTKModelRepresentation object.
      The appropriate EntityRef is queried from model::ManagerPtr (Resource)
      depending on the active coloring mode; color-by-entity uses direclty its
      entity color and color-by-volume uses the color of the 0th volume bounded
      by the entity.
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      Check isVolume() for each of the bordantEntities. · ee7076c7
      Alvaro Sanchez authored
      In cases where the begin() entity is invalid, volumeOfEntity() would
      return an entity not flagged as being a volume.
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