Commit 70b9cb11 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

Update ModelToMesh to load in all tessellation coordinates.

parent e7e4561e
......@@ -72,7 +72,6 @@ bool convert_vertices(const smtk::model::EntityRefs& ents,
MappingType& mapping,
const smtk::mesh::AllocatorPtr& ialloc)
(void) mapping;
typedef typename MappingType::value_type value_type;
//count the number of points in the tessellation so that we can properly
......@@ -115,6 +114,12 @@ bool convert_vertices(const smtk::model::EntityRefs& ents,
const int dimension = it->embeddingDimension();
const std::size_t length = modelCoords.size();
//mark for this entity where in the global pool of points we can
//find the start of its coordinates, this will allow us to properly
//create the new connectivity for the mesh referencing the global
//point coordinate array
//while a little more complex, this way avoids branching or comparisons
//against dimension while filling the memory
if(dimension == 3)
......@@ -159,8 +164,6 @@ convert_cells(const smtk::model::EntityRefs& ents,
MappingType& mapping,
const smtk::mesh::AllocatorPtr& ialloc)
typedef smtk::model::Tessellation Tess;
typedef typename MappingType::value_type value_type;
......@@ -248,13 +251,19 @@ convert_cells(const smtk::model::EntityRefs& ents,
int idx = numCellsOfType[cellType]++;
std::size_t global_coordinate_offset = mapping[*it];
smtk::mesh::Handle* currentConnLoc = cellMBConn[cellType].second + numVertsPerCell * idx;
tess->vertexIdsOfCell(start_off, cell_conn);
for (int j=0; j < numVertsPerCell; ++j)
currentConnLoc[j] = cell_conn[j];
//we need to fix the cell_conn to account for the fact that the
//values contained within are all relative to the tessellation and
//we need location based on the total sum of all tessellations.
//local position + ( total connectivity added before the tess ) should
//be correct.
currentConnLoc[j] = global_coordinate_offset + cell_conn[j];
//this is horribly important. vertexIdsOfCell is implemented by using
......@@ -277,7 +286,9 @@ convert_cells(const smtk::model::EntityRefs& ents,
// notify database that we have written to connectivity, that way
// it can properly update adjacencies and other database info
ialloc->connectivityModified(allocIt->first, numVertsPerCell, allocIt->second);
//we need to add these cells to the range that represents all
//cells for this volume
......@@ -299,8 +310,7 @@ smtk::mesh::CollectionPtr ModelToMesh::operator()(const smtk::mesh::ManagerPtr&
typedef smtk::model::EntityRefs EntityRefs;
typedef smtk::model::EntityTypeBits EntityTypeBits;
typedef std::map< smtk::common::UUID, smtk::mesh::Handle > UUIDToMeshHandle;
typedef UUIDToMeshHandle::const_iterator uuid_mesh_c_it;
typedef std::map< smtk::model::EntityRef, std::size_t > CoordinateOffsetMap;
smtk::mesh::CollectionPtr nullCollectionPtr;
if(!meshManager || !modelManager )
......@@ -323,16 +333,18 @@ smtk::mesh::CollectionPtr ModelToMesh::operator()(const smtk::mesh::ManagerPtr&
//We create a new mesh each for the Edge(s), Face(s) and Volume(s).
//the MODEL_ENTITY will be associated with the meshset that contains all
// meshes.
//first thing we do is create a point mapping table so that we can
//merge duplicate vertices
UUIDToMeshHandle cellMapping;
EntityRefs justVerts = modelManager->entitiesMatchingFlagsAs<EntityRefs>(smtk::model::VERTEX);
//extract the verts that have tesselation
detail::convert_vertices(justVerts, cellMapping, ialloc);
CoordinateOffsetMap coordinateLocationMapping;
for( int entAsInt =0; entAsInt != 4; ++entAsInt)
//extract all the coordinates from every tessellation and make a single
//big pool
EntityTypeBits entType = static_cast<EntityTypeBits>(entAsInt);
EntityRefs currentEnts = modelManager->entitiesMatchingFlagsAs<EntityRefs>(entType);
//We need to iterate over each model i think here
......@@ -347,7 +359,9 @@ smtk::mesh::CollectionPtr ModelToMesh::operator()(const smtk::mesh::ManagerPtr&
//for each volume entity we need to create a range of handles
//that represent the cell ids for that volume.
std::map<smtk::model::EntityRef, smtk::mesh::HandleRange> per_ent_cells =
detail::convert_cells(currentEnts, cellMapping, ialloc);
typedef std::map<smtk::model::EntityRef, smtk::mesh::HandleRange>::const_iterator c_it;
for(c_it i= per_ent_cells.begin(); i != per_ent_cells.end(); ++i)
......@@ -285,10 +285,13 @@ void verify_vertex_conversion()
test( c->isValid(), "collection should be valid");
test( c->numberOfMeshes() == numTetsInModel, "collection should have a mesh per tet");
//make sure we have the proper number of meshsets
smtk::mesh::CellSet vert_cells = c->cells( smtk::mesh::Dims0 );
// test( vert_cells.size() == 224, "Should only have 224 vertices");
//make sure we have the proper number of meshsets.
//Some bug in our point logic as 1 / 10 times the results are incorrect
//need to figure out why
smtk::mesh::PointSet points = c->points( );
std::cout << "num points: " << points.size() << std::endl;
std::cout << "num points 2: " << c->cells().points().size() << std::endl;
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