fix merge_chunks extract_chunks method

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Using docker image sha256:53ae2a3a2cd3c0155a42ea88b0b991c3dcd86f21b7174bd123abe064b9dbec85 for continuumio/anaconda3 with digest continuumio/anaconda3@sha256:70915870bb4c3b1963252c674a49babc9334b693985855c7b84f7a3c88a538bc ...
$ if [[ $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE != "push" ]];then exit 1; fi
$ if [[ $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH =~ ^(master|baseline_master|placebo|(dev_.*))$ ]] && [[ ! $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH =~ ^dev_(placebo|baseline)$ ]];then exit 0; else echo "Branch name is invalid."; exit 1; fi
Branch name is invalid.
Cleaning up file based variables
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