Commit b7fbca3e authored by Ameya Shringi's avatar Ameya Shringi
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Update command and docker hash for the new RC3D baseline image

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......@@ -23,7 +23,6 @@ python3 $FILE_INDEX $TMP_FILE $FRAMES
for CONTENT in $(cat $TMP_FILE); do
VIDEO=`echo $CONTENT | cut -d ',' -f1`
FRAMES_PATH=`echo $CONTENT | cut -d ',' -f2`
mkdir -p "${FRAMES_PATH}"
ffmpeg -i "${VIDEO_LOCATION}/${VIDEO}" "${FRAMES_PATH}/%05d.png"
......@@ -31,13 +30,14 @@ done
# Start the rc3d container
nvidia-docker run -itd --name rc3d \
-v ${FRAMES}:/data/diva/v1-frames \
nvidia-docker run -itd --name rc3d \
--entrypoint bash \
-v ${FRAMES}:/data/diva/frames \
-v ${SYSTEM_CACHE_DIRECTORY}:/data/diva/system-cache \
nvidia-docker exec rc3d mkdir -p /data/diva/nist-json
nvidia-docker cp ${FILE_INDEX} rc3d:/data/diva/nist-json/file-index.json
nvidia-docker cp ${ACTIVITY_INDEX} rc3d:/data/diva/nist-json/activity-index.json
nvidia-docker cp ${CHUNK} rc3d:/data/diva/nist-json/chunk.json
nvidia-docker exec rc3d mkdir -p /diva/nist-json
nvidia-docker cp ${FILE_INDEX} rc3d:/diva/nist-json/file-index.json
nvidia-docker cp ${ACTIVITY_INDEX} rc3d:/diva/nist-json/activity-index.json
nvidia-docker cp ${CHUNK} rc3d:/diva/nist-json/chunk.json
......@@ -2,4 +2,6 @@
nvidia-docker exec rc3d /bin/bash -c "python /diva/R-C3D/experiments/virat/ --exp /diva/R-C3D/experiments/virat/experiment.yml --skip_train --chunk_id=${CHUNK_ID}"
nvidia-docker start rc3d
nvidia-docker exec -it rc3d /bin/bash -c "python /diva/R-C3D/experiments/virat/ --exp /diva/R-C3D/experiments/virat/experiment.yml --model_cfg /diva/R-C3D/experiments/virat/td_cnn_end2end.yml --skip_train --test-activity-index /diva/nist-json/activity-index.json --chunk_id=${CHUNK_ID}"
......@@ -81,4 +81,4 @@ else
# Install diva-baseline docker image
docker pull
docker pull
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