Commit 7642bc20 authored by Baptiste CHOCOT's avatar Baptiste CHOCOT
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bugfix: scorer conda env wasnt saved

parent ebead8e2
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......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@ This file should not be modified.
import os
from diva_evaluation_cli.bin.private_src.implementation.utils.\
actev_cli_environment import init_environment, export_variable
actev_cli_environment import init_environment, export_variable, \
from diva_evaluation_cli.bin.private_src.implementation.get_system.\
system_types_definition import system_types
......@@ -34,8 +35,14 @@ def entry_point(url, system_type, location=None, user=None, password=None,
except KeyError:
raise Exception("Unknown system type")
# if it exists, loads the scorer conda environment
scorer_env = os.getenv("SCORER_CONDA_ENV")
# Init the actev_cli_environemnt variables
if scorer_env:
export_variable("SCORER_CONDA_ENV", scorer_env)
# Add variables into the actev_cli_environemnt
export_variable('ACTEV_GET_SYSTEM_URL', url)
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