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Bugfix: removed validate_execution from the CLI entrypoints validation

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actev_system_setup - ()
actev_validate_execution - (output, reference, activity_index, file_index, result, score)
actev_design_chunks - (file_index, activity_index, output, nb_videos_per_chunk)
actev_experiment_init - (file_index, activity_index, chunks, video_location, system_cache_dir, config_file=None)
actev_pre_process_chunk - (chunk_id, system_cache_dir)
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ def validate_cli(strict):
# Is entry point contain correct arguments
if content[i] != result:
handle_error(("{} entry_point method changed".format(actev_command)))
handle_error(("{} entry_point method changed: {} != {}".format(actev_command, content[i], result)), strict)
i += 1" .. {} is valid".format(actev_command))
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