Commit a73baa09 authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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better swapping

parent 99ea226c
......@@ -52,10 +52,34 @@ class vtkByteSwap
void Delete() {delete this;};
void Swap4(char *c);
void Swap4(float *p) {Swap4((char *)p);};
void Swap4(int *i) {Swap4((char *)i);};
void Swap4(unsigned long *i) {Swap4((char *)i);};
void Swap4LE(char *c);
void Swap4LE(float *p) {Swap4LE((char *)p);};
void Swap4LE(int *i) {Swap4LE((char *)i);};
void Swap4LE(short int *i) {Swap4LE((char *)i);};
void Swap4LE(unsigned long *i) {Swap4LE((char *)i);};
void Swap4LE(unsigned char *i) {Swap4LE((char *)i);};
void Swap4LERange(char *c,int num);
void Swap4LERange(float *p,int num) {Swap4LERange((char *)p,num);};
void Swap4LERange(int *i,int num) {Swap4LERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4LERange(short int *i,int num) {Swap4LERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4LERange(unsigned long *i,int num) {Swap4LERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4LERange(unsigned char *i,int num) {Swap4LERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4BE(char *c);
void Swap4BE(float *p) {Swap4BE((char *)p);};
void Swap4BE(int *i) {Swap4BE((char *)i);};
void Swap4BE(short int *i) {Swap4BE((char *)i);};
void Swap4BE(unsigned long *i) {Swap4BE((char *)i);};
void Swap4BE(unsigned char *i) {Swap4BE((char *)i);};
void Swap4BERange(char *c,int num);
void Swap4BERange(float *p,int num) {Swap4BERange((char *)p,num);};
void Swap4BERange(int *i,int num) {Swap4BERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4BERange(short int *i,int num) {Swap4BERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4BERange(unsigned long *i,int num) {Swap4BERange((char *)i,num);};
void Swap4BERange(unsigned char *i,int num) {Swap4BERange((char *)i,num);};
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