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Commit 05dc3b8f authored by LYMB Demo's avatar LYMB Demo
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pc fix

parent 828e6fd9
......@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ int vtkDecimatePro::EvaluateVertex(int ptId, unsigned short int numTris, int *tr
int numVerts, numNei, numFEdges;
static vtkIdList nei(VTK_MAX_TRIS_PER_VERTEX);
vtkLocalTri t;
vtkLocalVertex sn;
vtkProLocalVertex sn;
int startVertex, nextVertex;
int i, j, *verts, numNormals, vtype;
float *x1, *x2, *normal;
#include "vtkPriorityQueue.h"
// Special structures for building loops
typedef struct _vtkLocalVertex
typedef struct _vtkProLocalVertex
int id;
float x[3];
float FAngle;
} vtkLocalVertex, *vtkLocalVertexPtr;
} vtkProLocalVertex, *vtkProLocalVertexPtr;
typedef struct _vtkLocalTri
......@@ -129,15 +129,15 @@ typedef struct _vtkLocalTri
class vtkVertexArray { //;prevent man page generation
vtkVertexArray(const int sz)
{this->MaxId = -1; this->Array = new vtkLocalVertex[sz];};
{this->MaxId = -1; this->Array = new vtkProLocalVertex[sz];};
~vtkVertexArray() {if (this->Array) delete [] this->Array;};
int GetNumberOfVertices() {return this->MaxId + 1;};
void InsertNextVertex(vtkLocalVertex& v)
void InsertNextVertex(vtkProLocalVertex& v)
{this->MaxId++; this->Array[this->MaxId] = v;};
vtkLocalVertex& GetVertex(int i) {return this->Array[i];};
vtkProLocalVertex& GetVertex(int i) {return this->Array[i];};
void Reset() {this->MaxId = -1;};
vtkLocalVertex *Array; // pointer to data
vtkProLocalVertex *Array; // pointer to data
int MaxId; // maximum index inserted thus far
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ vtkSmoothPolyFilter::vtkSmoothPolyFilter()
// Special structure for marking vertices
typedef struct _vtkLocalVertex
typedef struct _vtkMeshVertex
char type;
vtkIdList *edges; // connected edges (list of connected point ids)
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