Commit b8d338af authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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types: Organize project feature-enabled fields

parent 51d75852
......@@ -536,12 +536,14 @@ fn test_read_project() {
assert_eq!(project.printing_merge_request_link_enabled, Some(true));
assert_eq!(project.request_access_enabled, true);
assert_eq!(project.jobs_enabled, false);
assert_eq!(project.resolve_outdated_diff_discussions, None);
assert_eq!(project.jobs_enabled, false);
assert_eq!(project.issues_enabled, true);
assert_eq!(project.merge_requests_enabled, true);
assert_eq!(project.snippets_enabled, false);
assert_eq!(project.wiki_enabled, true);
assert_eq!(project.merge_method, Some("merge".to_string()));
if let Some(ref permissions) = project.permissions {
if let Some(ref group_access) = permissions.group_access {
......@@ -613,11 +613,12 @@ pub struct Project {
pub printing_merge_request_link_enabled: Option<bool>,
/// Whether access to the project may be requested.
pub request_access_enabled: bool,
/// Whether jobs are enabled or not.
pub jobs_enabled: bool,
/// Whether to automatically resolve merge request diff discussions when they become outdated,
/// if configured.
pub resolve_outdated_diff_discussions: Option<bool>,
/// Whether jobs are enabled or not.
pub jobs_enabled: bool,
/// Whether issues are enabled or not.
pub issues_enabled: bool,
/// Whether merge requests are enabled or not.
......@@ -626,6 +627,7 @@ pub struct Project {
pub snippets_enabled: bool,
/// Whether the project wiki is enabled or not.
pub wiki_enabled: bool,
/// The merge method used when merging merge request.
pub merge_method: Option<String>,
/// Statistics about the project.
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