Commit acc00434 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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gitlab: add methods for `PUT` requests

parent 0575d152
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
// except according to those terms.
extern crate reqwest;
use self::reqwest::{Client, RequestBuilder, Url};
use self::reqwest::{Client, Method, RequestBuilder, Url};
extern crate serde;
use self::serde::{Deserialize, Deserializer, Serializer};
......@@ -486,6 +486,22 @@ impl Gitlab {
/// Create a `PUT` request to an API endpoint.
fn _put<T: Deserialize>(&self, url: &str) -> Result<T> {
let param: &[(&str, &str)] = &[];
self._put_with_param(url, param)
/// Create a `PUT` request to an API endpoint with query parameters.
fn _put_with_param<T, U>(&self, url: &str, param: U) -> Result<T>
where T: Deserialize,
U: Serialize,
let full_url = self._mk_url(url)?;
let req = Client::new().chain_err(|| ErrorKind::Communication)?.request(Method::Put, full_url).form(&param);
/// Handle paginated queries. Returns all results.
fn _get_paged<T: Deserialize>(&self, url: &str) -> Result<Vec<T>> {
let param: &[(&str, &str)] = &[];
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