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......@@ -23,6 +23,23 @@ If you run into places where Gitlab dumps a JSON value rather than an actual
entity, please consider updating upstream to use a real entity so that changes
to the structure are easier to track.
# Versioning
Since this crate follows Gitlab upstream, semantic versioning may not be
possible. Instead, the crate uses the following versioning scheme:
* Gitlab 8.16 support → 0.816.x
* Gitlab 8.17 support → 0.817.x
* Gitlab 9.0 support → 0.900.x
Minor versions may fix bugs, add API endpoint bindings, or improve webhook
coverage. It is recommended to depend on the full version of the crate since
types may change in patch-level updates in order to match Gitlab's interface:
gitlab = "0.816.0"
# API bugs
Sometimes, the API will return `null` for fields that have been added after the
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