Commit 8c7db600 authored by Dan Lipsa's avatar Dan Lipsa
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FIX: We don't select 2D annotations.

When trying to select a 2D annotation ParaView segfaults in
vtkInternals::ConvertSelection. This segfault comes from
GetPixelInformation when this->Convert returns the color of a pixel
(instead of an actorid) for a 2D annotation so info.Prop is set to NULL.

Change-Id: Ia764ab7ff88f54dcf82040cbd64ecbcab9365573
parent ac80e9a7
......@@ -98,6 +98,11 @@ public:
for (iter = dataMap.begin(); iter != dataMap.end(); ++iter)
const PixelInformation &key = iter->first;
if (! key.Prop)
// we don't select 2D annotations
const std::set<vtkIdType> &id_values = iter->second;
vtkSelectionNode* child = vtkSelectionNode::New();
......@@ -613,7 +618,7 @@ vtkHardwareSelector::PixelInformation vtkHardwareSelector::GetPixelInformation(
info.PropID = actorid;
info.Prop = this->Internals->Props[actorid];
info.Prop = this->GetPropFromID(actorid);
int composite_id = this->Convert(display_position,
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