1. 23 Mar, 2021 1 commit
  2. 19 Feb, 2021 1 commit
  3. 26 Jan, 2021 5 commits
    • Jerome Dias's avatar
      [defaults] Upgrade to python 3.7 exact. · e1330abe
      Jerome Dias authored
      We force python version to be exactly 3.7 as it is the only one tested.
      USE_SYSTEM_python3 is used to define if python libs are directly linked
      to the python3 system directory (USE_SYSTEM_python3=ON) or shipped
      in the install dir (OFF) (See superbuild_python_install function).
    • Jerome Dias's avatar
      [fix] Ensure a unique python system is used · 8dd36b06
      Jerome Dias authored
      FindPythonLibs or FindPython2 are used by several projects. Both set
      some python variables than can enter in conflicts.
      This fix ensure the superbuild projects to use the same python version.
      It is only needed if a python system is required.
    • Jerome Dias's avatar
      [fix] Use USE_SYSTEM_python2 variable. · 596054a3
      Jerome Dias authored
      USE_SYSTEM_python is no longer used since the update of the
      common-superbuild. Now USE_SYSTEM_python2 or USE_SYSTEM_python3 has to
      be used.
    • Jerome Dias's avatar
      [refactor] Update qt5 superbuild process. · 90f373fb
      Jerome Dias authored
      This has been done to follow the steps to manage qt5 in the Paraview
    • Jerome Dias's avatar
      [fix] Set default qt version to 5.10 · d9fa806b
      Jerome Dias authored
      Since the common superbuild update qt 5.12 has become the default
      version. With that version an error occurs during qt configuration step.
      For now we use the version 5.10 already approved in LidarView.
  4. 25 Jan, 2021 5 commits
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  6. 28 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas Cadart's avatar
      Check for Boost environment variables hiding superbuild Boost install · ee4a2a9e
      Nicolas Cadart authored
      If some Boost environment variables are defined, they could hide the
      superbuild Boost install.
      This can lead to superbuild failure if the system boost does not have
      all required components.
      It may also lead to runtime errors if all binaries were not built using
      the same boost libs (system VS superbuild ones).
      This commit add a check to verify the definition of these environment
      variables if user does not want to use his system boost install.
  7. 12 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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  10. 25 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Nick Laurenson's avatar
      Upgrade boost to 1.66 to have the beast library · a3ad35d0
      Nick Laurenson authored
      Boost 1.66 add the new library: beast. Beast is build on top of boost
      asio, and help with http request and other nice stuff. Also the
      functionalities provided by chrono, regex and thread, are now provided by
      the C++11. So they are not needed anymore
  11. 17 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • Nick Laurenson's avatar
      Compile qt5 without icu support · c58170d6
      Nick Laurenson authored
      This prevent Qt to look link against icu system, which result in package linking
      against the same libicu that Qt was compile against. This lead to error betwenn
      ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04 in particular as the system version of icu change.
  12. 25 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Nicolas Cadart's avatar
      Add CMake options to enable/disable old/new SLAM and update doc · 2818f384
      Nicolas Cadart authored
      - Add ENABLE_slam and ENABLE_old_slam CMake options to enable new/old SLAM compilation.
      - Mark ENABLE_old_slam as advanced, to set default behavior to new slam.
      - Add warning if both ENABLE_slam. and ENABLE_old_slam are activated to avoid potential errors when loading one of these filters.
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  23. 01 Feb, 2019 1 commit
    • Gabriel Devillers's avatar
      Revert "Add ninja for simpler build" · d20e3fa5
      Gabriel Devillers authored
      This reverts commit e762686d3978102c063fbc668704e1f1fd6d2051.
      Reasons not to copy ninja.exe to build directory:
      1) it does not make the build much simpler: you still have to install
      git, cmake and Visual Studio. So downloading ninja.exe and adding it to
      your path is not a lot of work (If you are lazy place it in
      C:\Windows\System32). That takes approximately 1 minute.
      2) it does not add ninja.exe to the path, so if you want to rebuild
      only veloview (for a faster build) you go to
      common-superbuild/veloview/build (as indicated by the developer guide),
      and in this directory there is no ninja.exe so your command with
      "ninja" fails and you are perplexed.
      3) it complexifies the work of the CI scripts
  24. 23 Jan, 2019 2 commits
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  26. 10 Jan, 2019 2 commits
    • Gabriel Devillers's avatar
      Packaging on Linux · 6c04d361
      Gabriel Devillers authored
      Packaging works on Linux if build uses -DUSE_SYSTEM_python
      Also tested when branding != "VeloView"
    • Gabriel Devillers's avatar
      Common superbuild working on windows with VS2015 · 4f7bdd40
      Gabriel Devillers authored
      - (only) Qt must be provided manually (this is a first step)
      - The main change is that VeloView now uses Boost as dynamic lib on
      Windows. It was far simpler to do that because at least one other
      dependancy (liblas) is using boost as dynamic lib so it would mean
      either updating the common superbuild to build *both* or updating
      the superbuild to make these dependencies use boost static.
      Prepare build with:
      cmake c:\VeloView-kwinternal\Superbuild -GNinja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
      -DUSE_SYSTEM_qt5=True -DQt5_DIR="C:/Qt/Qt5.10.0/5.10.0/msvc2015_64/lib/cmake/Qt5"
      Then build with:
      ninja -jN
      (like with make you can go to any previously built target build directory and
      run ninja inside of it, to skip passing on dependancies that you now have not
      - forward slashes might be mandatory in Qt5_DIR
      - qt_version should be kept for now because paraview 5.4.0 should be
      able tolbuild also with Qt4
      - disabled unused qtspeech to build with VS Express
      To run this build on another machine you will also need to copy some DLLs of
      Qt system:
      libEGLd.dll} ->  "$build_dir/install/bin"
      -> "$build_dir/install/bin/platforms"
  27. 05 Dec, 2018 2 commits
    • Nicolas Vuaille's avatar
      Bump pythonqt to patched-8 and improve qt5 support · 676fc429
      Nicolas Vuaille authored
       * Use qt version from common-superbuild
       * Drop qt4 support
       * Build qt5 in sources
      Fix compilation for pythonqt patched-8: some qt private files are not found.
    • Nicolas Vuaille's avatar
      Edit VeloView for Qt5.6.2 and Paraview5.4 versions bump · 55349122
      Nicolas Vuaille authored
       * We add new dependencies to Freetype and Fontconfig because Qt5+ doesn't
         ship them anymore.
         This decision go through new CMake files for each OS.
       * We need to change some Qt code to remove deprecated/non existed parts
         and replace them with the new method.
       * There is CTK classes added because Paraview, since version 5.3, doesn't
         ship them anymore.
         Again, more CMake code in order to take these new files in consideration
       * Some C++ changes to take consideration of Paraview major API changes.
         According to the documentation you could find here:
       * Again, some changes on CMake and C++ were required to build correctly
         the Paraview's VeloView plugin.
       * The coding style edition came from clang-format
       * There is a change to Paraview dependency with a new branch, customized
         to keep the old behavior of some feature (such as the OutputDialog) or
         to turn off some deprecated warnings which pop out on the UI.
       * Some CMake changes were required for Qt5, because (obviously) the Qt4
         macros were unusable in this context.
         In addition, more CMake changes for the Paraview subproject, pythonqt
       * We take Paraview 5.4 for Unicode support on filenames.
       * We take Qt 5.6.2 to solve an issue with a hanging SpreadSheetView on
       * Because of linking issues with PythonQt, we switch the patched version
         (the previous one won't link with Qt5, and mixing up Qt4 from the system
         and Qt5 from the project throws a segmentation fault at startup).