1. 02 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      fix Eigen build with ninja · be6c523e
      Matthew Woehlke authored
      Remove the broken ("insufficient" might be more accurate) rule to
      "build" Eigen by just copying over the header directory, and instead
      patch the build with the upstream version of language_support.cmake that
      fixes the fortran detection bug that was preventing us from just
      building it normally with Ninja. (Note that "upstream" here means "not
      yet in a released version", or we wouldn't be having this problem in the
      first place.)
      This is needed for any users that require the 'unsupported' headers for
      Eigen, which were not being "installed". Note that the include directory
      was also "wrong" (didn't match what the real build does); anyone using
      $<INSTALL>/include/eigen must use $<INSTALL>/include/eigen3 instead.
  2. 13 Sep, 2013 1 commit