Commit d9fa806b authored by Jerome Dias's avatar Jerome Dias
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[fix] Set default qt version to 5.10

Since the common superbuild update qt 5.12 has become the default
version. With that version an error occurs during qt configuration step.
For now we use the version 5.10 already approved in LidarView.
parent cc7a67ee
......@@ -213,6 +213,9 @@ list(APPEND superbuild_project_roots
set(_superbuild_default_cxx11 ON)
# set the default for qt5 to be 5.10
set(_superbuild_qt5_default_selection "5.10")
option(ENABLE_all "Enable all optional dependancy like pcl, ceres, opencv, darknet, ..." OFF)
if (ENABLE_all)
set(ENABLE_opencv ON CACHE BOOL "enable OpenCV")
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