Commit 421a77fd authored by Jerome Dias's avatar Jerome Dias
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[wip] Add msg to check OSX script on CI.

parent c462ae9a
......@@ -16,6 +16,11 @@ file(GLOB app_list LIST_DIRECTORIES false "${install_location}/bin/*/Contents/Ma
file(GLOB lib_list LIST_DIRECTORIES false "lib/*.dylib" "${install_location}/lib/*.dylib")
file(GLOB test_list LIST_DIRECTORIES false "bin/Test*")
message("boost_libs : " ${boost_libs})
message("app_list : " ${app_list})
message("lib_list : " ${lib_list})
message("test_list : " ${test_list})
foreach (boost_lib IN LISTS boost_libs)
get_filename_component(libboost_name "${boost_lib}" NAME)
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