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Commit 2af0e6a4 authored by Nick Laurenson's avatar Nick Laurenson
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fix Build specific and not only commom dependancies

The wrong keyword was used, DEFNIED is for variable, COMMAND is for
function and macro

Introduce by ef0d12a2
parent 0d14d3da
......@@ -104,11 +104,11 @@ function (superbuild_find_projects var)
if (DEFINED add_project_to_superbuild)
if (COMMAND add_project_to_superbuild)
else (DEFINED add_project_to_superbuild)
else (COMMAND add_project_to_superbuild)
message(WARNING "The function add_project_to_superbuild is not defined. Only LidarView's common dependencies will be compile.")
endif(DEFINED add_project_to_superbuild)
endif(COMMAND add_project_to_superbuild)
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