Commit 2818f384 authored by Nicolas Cadart's avatar Nicolas Cadart
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Add CMake options to enable/disable old/new SLAM and update doc

- Add ENABLE_slam and ENABLE_old_slam CMake options to enable new/old SLAM compilation.
- Mark ENABLE_old_slam as advanced, to set default behavior to new slam.
- Add warning if both ENABLE_slam. and ENABLE_old_slam are activated to avoid potential errors when loading one of these filters.
parent 7f950046
......@@ -215,4 +215,12 @@ if (ENABLE_all)
set(ENABLE_g2o ON CACHE BOOL "enable G2O")
option(ENABLE_slam "Build Lidar SLAM (requires PCL, Ceres, nanoflann; optional g2o)" OFF)
option(ENABLE_old_slam "Build old deprecated Lidar SLAM (requires PCL, Ceres, nanoflann). Should not be used if new SLAM is being built." OFF)
if (ENABLE_slam AND ENABLE_old_slam)
message(WARNING "ENABLE_slam and ENABLE_old_slam are both set to ON. "
"It is strongly recommended to build only one of these two SLAM filters to avoid runtime errors due to names collisions.")
endif(ENABLE_slam AND ENABLE_old_slam)
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