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      [ci] Specify job-level timeout for the superbuild · 9ae6d476
      Nick Laurenson authored
      When creating a new project, the project-level timeout has a default value
      of 1h. But the superbuild jobs can take more than 1h to complete, so a
      developper will need to MANUALLY change the project-level timeout.
      As the job-level timeout can exceed the project-level timeout, let specify
  8. 04 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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      ci Avoid CI failure before a test has been retry 3 times · 35cb4bdc
      Nick Laurenson authored
      MR !111 modify the CI, to run ctest multiple times. Once for test that can
      work in parallel mode, and twice to rerun the failing test in sequential
      mode. But the CI was catching the first ctest return code. This first code
      was an error as some test aren't intended to run in parallel.
      After this commit the test are run sequentially, up to 3 times to pass. Also
      the ctest command is only invoke once.
  9. 27 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  10. 24 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      ci Enable to use a custom superbuild in CI · 0f74b99c
      Nick Laurenson authored
      The SB, used in the CI is shared between all project branches.
      It may be interesting to have a custom SB for some branches. This can be
      useful when updating the SB for example. This way, the CI continue to work
      for everyone on the common SB, but your branch has its own SB.
      To do so, SB_BUILD_PREFIX must be defined.
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  13. 29 Apr, 2020 2 commits
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      ci Add a configure stage · aa851a39
      Nick Laurenson authored
      Conceptually configuring and building a project are 2 differrents steps.
      Also, having a configure stage will enable you to rerun a configuration
      manually before running a packaging manually
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      ci Enable all submodules to be tested againt Lidarview master · 7abc5eef
      Nick Laurenson authored
      Plugins as the VelodynePlugin could only be tested againt LidarView master
      by updating them in LidarView and then launching a CI. This process was
      very heavy. But for LVCore, in was possible to test them automatically
      thanks a LVCore CI trigerring the LidarView CI and updating the module
      inside the CI.
      With this changes, any submodule could be tested with LidarView master.
      The submodule CI need only to trigger LidarView CI, and provide it's SHA
      and path, so lidarview can update it before running the CI.
      Use before script
  14. 02 Apr, 2020 5 commits
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      bugfix fetch before checkout · a3b54341
      Nick Laurenson authored
      In case the gitlab-CI is configure to only fetch the last n commit, the given SHA for LVCore could not be in the git tree.
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