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Created a common place to gather installatio nand runtime instructions for users, for every LidarView-based app
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# LidarView based App Installation Guide
1. [Overview](#overview)
2. [General Information](#general-information)
3. [Runtime Dependencies](#runtime-dependencies)
1. [Windows](#windows-instructions)
2. [Ubuntu20.04](#ubuntu20-instructions)
3. [Ubuntu18.04](#ubuntu18-instructions)
4. [Additional Instructions](#additional-instructions)
5. [Troubleshooting / FAQ ](#faq-instructions)
## Overview <a name="overview"></a>
This document gather information about the required installation steps to run LidarView-based Apps binary releases,
built with the latest versions the following repositories:
- [LVCore](
- [LidarView-superbuild](
This document mirrors some information from the [LidarView Developer Guide]( but from an user point of view.
## General Information <a name="general-information"></a>
Note that current LidarView-baseline software stack is typically based on the following major elements:
- Paraview 5.6.1 (embedded)
- VTK 8.2 (embedded)
- Qt 5.12.9
- Python 3.7.10
Aside from Runtime compatibility, also keep in mind the following aspects:
- Paraview/VTK Plugins versions to use
- Python modules and scripting
- ThirdParty Bugs
## Required Runtime dependencies <a name="runtime-dependencies"></a>
The following sections details what dependencies to install prior to running a LidarView-based executable and how to install them.
### Windows x64 <a name="windows-instructions"></a>
**Runtime Dependencies:**
* No dependencies required (Everything is shipped in the bundle)
### Ubuntu 20.04 <a name="ubuntu20-instructions"></a>
**Runtime Dependencies:**
* Qt5.12.9 - Available as packages:
`sudo apt-get install qt5-default libqt5help5 libqt5x11extras5`
(If you do not wish to install those packages, you can use the offline installer locally, see [Additional Instructions](#qt-installer))
* Python 3.7.10 - Not available as packages, you can get it from the 'deadsnakes' ppa:
`sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa`
`sudo apt-get install python3.7-dev`
(If you wish to build Python3.7.10 from the official source instead, see [Additional Instructions](#python-source))
* Required packages:
`sudo apt-get install libopengl0`
### Ubuntu 18.04 <a name="ubuntu18-instructions"></a>
**Runtime Dependencies:**
* QT5.12.9 - Not available as packages - From Installer
See instructions in section [Additional Instructions](#qt-installer)
* Python 3.7.10 - Available as package:
`sudo apt-get install python3.7-dev`
(If you wish to build Python3.7.10 from the official source instead, see [Additional Instructions](#python-source))
* Required packages:
`sudo apt-get install libopengl0 liblapack3`
### Additional Instructions <a name="additional-instructions"></a>
* **QT5.12.9 From Installer** <a name="qt-installer"></a>
Qt5.12.9 - [Offline Installer](
Run the installer offline to alleviate the need to register
* Note that only the `Desktop gcc 64-bit` component is needed
Copy built libraries located in `~/Qt5.12.9/5.12.9/gcc_64/lib/` in your system.
* We recommend copying those libs towards `/usr/local/lib`, and adding this directory to your ld configuration using:
* `sudo echo "/usr/local/lib" >> /etc/ && sudo ldconfig`
* **Python3.7.10 build from source** <a name="python-source"></a>
Download [Sources](
Packages `build-essentials, zlib1g-dev` are required to build python
Build and install with this oneliner:
`./configure --enable-shared && sudo make install`
## Troubleshooting / FAQ <a name="faq-instructions"></a>
* **WINDOWS - Unrecognized Publisher**
Click `More Info -> Run Anyway`
* **WINDOWS - Graphic Bug with interleaved horizontal greenlines**
Simillar problem to [this](
This occurs on Windows with NVIDIA Optimus mobile (Laptops) graphic cards.
- Update you Drivers (Use NVIDIA Geforce Experience)
- Select `High-performance NVIDIA processor` in NVIDIA control panel / Manage 3d settings / Preferred graphics processor
* **UBUNTU - Cannot find Qt Packages "unable to locate package qt5-default"**
Qt is [community software](, Uncomment / add the `universe` ubuntu PPA in your `/etc/apt/sources.list`
Example: `deb focal universe`
* **UBUNTU - There is no application installed for "shared library" files**
This is a Nautilus configuration bug on Ubuntu, just launch via terminal using `./LidarView`
* **UBUNTU - QT Offline Installer asks for registration**
Disconnect your internet connection before starting the installer, registration will not be needed
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