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3. [Windows build instructions](#windows-build-instructions)
2. [Linux dependencies](#linux-dependencies)
3. [Linux build instructions](#linux-build-instructions)
3. [Packaging instructions](#packaging)
## LidarView dependencies <a name="dependencies"></a>
The LidarView application and libraries have several external library dependencies. As explained in [Superbuild Overview](#superbuild-overview), **most of the dependencies will be downloaded and compiled automatically** during the build step. See [Configure and build instructions](#configure-build).
......@@ -64,6 +65,7 @@ Some dependencies, on certain platforms, must be compiled by the superbuild, and
- Microsoft Visual Studio **14** (2015) **Express** ("Desktop"). You can use this link to download the installer: <> This installer is pretty simple (no special options).
- git: we recommand using "Git for Windows" available at <>
- Qt 5.10.0 *(this dependency will be built automatically in the future)*. You can download the installer here: <>. When installing you can keep the suggested installation path. Here is a walkthrough of the installer: click "Next" > "Skip" > "Next" > keep default install path (advised) and click "Next" > Unfold "Qt" then unfold "Qt 5.10.0" and tick "**MSVC 2015 64-bits**" then click "Next" > "Next" > "Install" > wait for it to install then click "Next" > untick "Launch Qt Creator" and click "Finish"
- (only for packaging) NSIS version 3.04 is confirmed to work, NSIS is available at <>
### Windows build instructions <a name="windows-build-instructions"></a>
1. clone LidarView's source code repository to a directory of your chosing, for example:
......@@ -214,4 +216,19 @@ The following packages are needed to build on Ubuntu 16.04:
`git submodule update --init --recursive`
## Packaging instructions <a name="packaging"></a>
1. activate the build of tests in the cmake configuration:
`cd <work-directory>/LidarView-build`
`cmake . -DBUILD_TESTING=True`
2. build with the new configuration:
* On Windows : `ninja`
* On Linux : `make`
3. package using cpack
`ctest -R cpack`
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