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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.5
  • v1.4
  • v1.3
  • v1.2
    Version 1.2
    This release brings important improvements (in terms of processing speed as well as precision) such as *undistortion* or *motion extrapolation*.
    It also greatly improves user interface for easier parameters settings.
  • v1.1
    Version 1.1
    Add several functionalities to v1.0, such as compressed pointclouds logging, latency compensation, multi-threading or ParaView/LidarView plugin.
  • v1.0
    First release of LiDAR SLAM as an independent project.
    As this is the first 'official' version, most changes are not reported since **v0.0**, and only a small subset of useful or major changes is listed below.
    ### Core lib
    * Numerous misc bug fixes and improvements
    * Major code cleaning and refactoring
    * Add CI for core SLAM lib
    * Add pose graph optimization (PGO)
    * Add optional logging of keypoints and trajectory
    * Add verbosity modes to display state, steps durations and results
    * Replace 6 DoF state vector by `Eigen::Isometry3d`
    * Major acceleration of `RollingGrid`
    * Add documentation for dependencies and installation
    ### ROS wrapping
    * First version of ROS package `lidar_slam`, supporting all core SLAM lib functionalities
    * Add SLAM parameters setting from ROS parameter server
    * Optional SLAM/GPS global calibration from trajectories
    * Add ROS package `gps_conversions` to manage conversions to standard `gps_common::GPSFix` message and process UTM/WGS84 transformations
    * Compute GPS heading from movement when it is not available.
    * Add documentation for usage
  • v0.0
    Slam code extracted from LidarView without any modification.