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      Help: Document in add_library how to import libraries with SONAME · 4d6e8995
      Brad King authored
      When using `add_library` to create an `IMPORTED` library target, there
      are a few target properties that are essential to correctly tell CMake
      about the library file.  We already cover `IMPORTED_LOCATION` and
      which are important in certain cases.
      Fixes: #22016
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    • Craig Scott's avatar
      Help: Clarify permission-related command options · 769ff054
      Craig Scott authored
      The previous docs did not make clear that at most only one of the three
      permissions-related options can be given for configure_file() or
      file(GENERATE) and that USE_SOURCE_PERMISSIONS is already the
      default behavior for these commands.
      Use consistent wording to refer to the input and output files for
      Add missing "versionadded" directives on some of these keywords.
      Use the consistent wording and keyword ordering between the
      configure_file(), file(GENERATE) and file(COPY) commands.
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      CPackIFW: Fix parsing of name and version in component DEPENDS · a43783a0
      Craig Scott authored
      The DEPENDS or DEPENDENCIES arguments in a call to
      cpack_ifw_configure_component() or cpack_ifw_configure_component_group()
      specify a name and optionally a version constraint as a single string.
      QtIFW also allows a colon (requires QtIFW 3.1 or later) or a hyphen to
      separate the name and version. The version may optionally contain a
      leading operator, with = being assumed when no operator is present.
      The previous code was not handling : as a separator at all and was
      erroneously dropping the version part when no operator was given.
      Fix both of those non-conforming behaviors and also warn if trying
      to use a hyphen in a name with a QtIFW version that isn't recent enough
      to support it.
      Fixes: #21697
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      FindIntl: Fix detection of intl built in to C library · e34d64c0
      Brad King authored
      Since commit c30d06b7 (FindIntl: Add imported target, 2020-10-06,
      v3.20.0-rc1~687^2) we use `check_symbol_exists` to check whether the
      `intl` library is built in to the C library.  On some platforms the
      tested symbols are provided as macros so the check passes without
      linking any symbol.  Instead, check whether a sample source file both
      compiles and links.
      Fixes: #21979
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      project: Define variables indicating whether project is top level · 96a70401
      friendlyanon authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      latter is a STATIC cache entry just like other `<PROJECT-NAME>_*`
      variables so that it is globally scoped.
      Issue: #20310
      Fixes: #21961
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      VS: Accept and translate '-T version=' values with three components · 30c83542
      Brad King authored
      The VS 16.8 and VS 16.9 toolset versions differ only in their third
      component.  The `vcvarsall` option `-vcvars_ver=` accepts a three
      component version, so accept this format for VS toolset selection too.
      Issue: #21922
    • Brad King's avatar
      VS: Fix '-T version=14.28' under VS 16.9 · 58a50a3a
      Brad King authored
      CMake accepts the toolset version that is default in the current VS
      version by matching the name later VS versions will use for the SxS
      props files.  It predicts the future name based on the first two
      components of the current VS version's default toolset.  However, this
      heuristic breaks naming the VS 16.8 toolset version 14.28 under VS 16.9
      because the latter's default toolset version is 14.28.29910, which did
      not increment the second version component (unprecedented in VS).
      Fix this by always using the requested version's SxS props file when it
      exists, even if it matches the first two components of the current VS
      version's default toolset.  Also add a special case for the name VS
      16.10 will use for VS 16.9's default toolset, so that it can be used
      with VS 16.9 too.
      Fixes: #21922
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    • Ben Boeckel's avatar
      file: add `COPY_FILE` subcommand · 08844421
      Ben Boeckel authored
      The `file(COPY)` subcommand is overloaded and busy for such a simple
      operation. Instead, make a simpler subcommand with error handling