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Help/dev: Document CM_EQ_DELETE and CM_DISABLE_COPY

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......@@ -34,6 +34,24 @@ need to be handled with care:
warnings about deprecated interfaces in general. Use the ``CM_AUTO_PTR``
macro instead.
* Use ``CM_EQ_DELETE;`` instead of ``= delete;``.
Defining functions as *deleted* is not supported in C++98. Using
``CM_EQ_DELETE`` will delete the functions if the compiler supports it and
give them no implementation otherwise. Calling such a function will lead
to compiler errors if the compiler supports *deleted* functions and linker
errors otherwise.
* Use ``CM_DISABLE_COPY(Class)`` to mark classes as non-copyable.
The ``CM_DISABLE_COPY`` macro should be used in the private section of a
class to make sure that attempts to copy or assign an instance of the class
lead to compiler errors even if the compiler does not support *deleted*
functions. As a guideline, all polymorphic classes should be made
non-copyable in order to avoid slicing. Classes that are composed of or
derived from non-copyable classes must also be made non-copyable explicitly
* Use ``size_t`` instead of ``std::size_t``.
Various implementations have differing implementation of ``size_t``.
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