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.. contents:: Maintainer Processes:
Review a Merge Request
The `CMake Review Process`_ requires a maintainer to issue the ``Do: merge``
command to integrate a merge request. Please check at least the following:
* If the MR source branch is not named well for the change it makes
(e.g. it is just ``master`` or the patch changed during review),
add a ``Topic-rename: <topic>`` trailing line to the MR description
to provide a better topic name.
* If the MR introduces a new feature or a user-facing behavior change,
such as a policy, ensure that a ``Help/release/dev/$topic.rst`` file
is added with a release note.
* If a commit changes a specific area, such as a module, its commit
message should have an ``area:`` prefix on its first line.
* If a commit fixes a tracked issue, its commit message should have
a trailing line such as ``Fixes: #00000``.
* Ensure that the MR has been tested sufficiently. Typically it should
be staged for nightly testing with ``Do: stage``. Then manually
review the `CMake CDash Page`_ to verify that no regressions were
introduced. (Learn to tolerate spurious failures due to idiosyncrasies
of various nightly builders.)
.. _`CMake Review Process`: review.rst
.. _`CMake CDash Page`:
Branch a New Release
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