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Help/dev: Update source code guide to cover source tree layout

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......@@ -58,3 +58,48 @@ need to be handled with care:
When assigning the result of ``.size()`` on a container for example,
the result should be assigned to ``size_t`` not to ``std::size_t``,
``unsigned int`` or similar types.
Source Tree Layout
The CMake source tree is organized as follows.
* ``Auxiliary/``:
Shell and editor integration files.
* ``Help/``:
* ``Help/dev/``:
Developer documentation.
* ``Help/release/dev/``:
Release note snippets for development since last release.
* ``Licenses/``:
License files for third-party libraries in binary distributions.
* ``Modules/``:
CMake language modules installed with CMake.
* ``Packaging/``:
Files used for packaging CMake itself for distribution.
* ``Source/``:
Source code of CMake itself.
* ``Templates/``:
Files distributed with CMake as implementation details for generators,
packagers, etc.
* ``Tests/``:
The test suite.
* ``Utilities/``:
Scripts, third-party source code.
* ``Utilities/Sphinx/``:
Sphinx configuration to build CMake user documentation.
* ``Utilities/Release/``:
Scripts used to package CMake itself for distribution on ````.
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