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Help: Clarify 'make-style' variable references in cmake-language(7)

Fixes: #16661
parent 6cbad490
......@@ -329,11 +329,17 @@ For example:
To support legacy CMake code, unquoted arguments may also contain
double-quoted strings (``"..."``, possibly enclosing horizontal
whitespace), and make-style variable references (``$(MAKEVAR)``).
Unescaped double-quotes must balance, may not appear at the
beginning of an unquoted argument, and are treated as part of the
content. For example, the unquoted arguments ``-Da="b c"``,
``-Da=$(v)``, and ``a" "b"c"d`` are each interpreted literally.
Make-style references are treated literally as part of the content
and do not undergo variable expansion. They are treated as part
of a single argument (rather than as separate ``$``, ``(``,
``MAKEVAR``, and ``)`` arguments).
The above "unquoted_legacy" production represents such arguments.
We do not recommend using legacy unquoted arguments in new code.
Instead use a `Quoted Argument`_ or a `Bracket Argument`_ to
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