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    Makefiles: Fix dependency extraction with CUDA < 10.2 and host compiler · 8e38985d
    Brad King authored
    Since commit 2c71d051 (Makefiles Generators: use compiler for
    dependencies generation, 2020-10-18, v3.20.0-rc1~392^2) we invoke `nvcc`
    for CUDA < 10.2 a second time in order to generate a depfile.  When
    `CMAKE_CUDA_HOST_COMPILER` is set, the second invocation is missing its
    `-ccbin=` option, even after refactoring in commit 8981e3e7
    (NVIDIA-CUDA: rely on new capabilities for deps generation, 2020-12-02,
    Ideally we should move the `-ccbin=` flag into `Compiler/NVIDIA-CUDA`,
    but that will add `CMAKE_CUDA_HOST_COMPILER` support on Windows in
    command-line generators but not the Visual Studio generators.
    For now, add the flag to the depfile command specifically.
    Fixes: #22037
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