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    Merge topic 'segy-reader-clean' · 1f0d188c
    Ben Boeckel authored
    * segy-reader-clean: (35 commits)
      Add missing include header for SegY module
      Improve SegY reader tests and add new baselines
      Code to read IBM 370 floating point data from Seg-Y files
      Baselines for new tests
      Fix the vtkIOSegY header test
      Pruned code for better readability
      Another test for vtkSegY2DReader
      Fix test to map scalars
      Remove unused main file from vtkIOSegY
      Added test for 2D SegY reader
      Fix warnings on macOS for Seg-Y reader
      Re-organize and format the vtkIOSegY module per VTK conventions
      Fixed IOUtils according to VTK convention
      Moved files to VTK specific locations
      Moved VTKSeismic files to IO/SegY
      Fix the ordering of scalars.
      BUG: Various fixes to the 2D reader
      Added license
      Commented out debug messages for now
      Added vtk header to source code
    Reviewed-by: Dan Lipsa's avatarDan Lipsa <dan.lipsa@kitware.com>
    Merge-request: !3078
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