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      ENH: Use pose matrices instead of camera parameters for VR controllers · 803d3a32
      Csaba Pinter authored
      It is easier to manage controller pose as a matrix instead of the (pos,wxyz,ppos,wdir) variables that the ConvertPoseToWorldCoordinates function calculates. A function called ConvertOpenVRPoseToMatrices was added that calculates the matrix. It is used in various places in addition or instead of those variables.
      A PhysicalToWorldMatrixModified event is added to vtkOpenVRRenderWindow to enable notifications to the application when the physical scaling, translation, etc. changes.
      Small changes:
      - Fix incorrect sign of VR physical to world matrix translation
      - Fix gesture end event invocation (Trigger button release was checked instead of Grip, as it is done for press)
      - Add comments for physical to world ivars and controller pose camera style variables for easier understanding
      - Remove unused PoseTransform member variable from vtkOpenVRRenderWindowInteractor
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      ENH: Add functions to set VR physical geometry with matrix · ed74f20d
      Csaba Pinter authored
      - Get/SetPhysicalToWorldMatrix functions added to vtkOpenVRRenderWindow to handle the PhysicalTranslation etc. camera related geometry changes as a matrix
      - Refactored UpdateHMDMatrixPose code so that it is more understandable what happens under the hood when the camera is set. It works the very same way, but it is now better formalized and readable.
      Here's how setting the camera works:
      Scaling is applied through moving the camera closer to the focal point, because scaling of all actors is not feasible, and vtkCamera::ModelTransformMatrix is not supported throughout VTK (clipping issues etc.). To achieve this, a new coordinate system called NonScaledWorld is introduced. The relationship between Physical (in which the HMD pose is given by OpenVR) and NonScaledWorld is described by the PhysicalViewUp etc. member variables. After getting the HMD pose in Physical, those coordinates and axes are converted to the NonScaledWorld coordinate system, on which the PhysicalScaling trick of modifying the camera position is applied, resulting the World coordinate system.
      - Renamed incorrect distance variable to physical scale
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