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    reduce segfaults on shader compile failure · b5efa06f
    Ken Martin authored
    When a shader program fails to compile often the
    application would crash because code assumed that the
    program was created. The shader compilation error messages
    often were hard to obtain as the segault kills the output
    This topic catches many places where the program was assumed
    to exists and makes them not crash. It was developed by
    modifying the shader cache to always fail when building a
    shader and then running the VTK tests to see if anything
    crashed. Lots did. With this topic at least
    ctest -R OpenGL2
    ctest -R RenderingCore
    ctest -R Chart
    all work without segaulting even when the shader fails
    to compile. This makes catching the shader compilation
    error messages lots easier and of course less chance of
    an application segfaulting as opposed to gracefully
    reporting an error.
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