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    Introduced new composite datasets for partitioned data. · 0f6d8394
    Berk Geveci authored
    This is the first step in our attempt to create next
    generation composite datasets for partitioned data and
    arbitrary dataset collections. The main idea is that
    partitioned datasets are instances of
    vtkPartitionedDataSet, which is a vector of datasets.
    It is required that these datasets are compatible, i.e.
    can be processed by the same type of filters together.
    This is similar to vtkMultiPieceDataSet but will
    formalize that partition concept further. The second
    new data type is vtkPartitionedDataSetCollection. This
    is a vector of vtkPartitionedDataSets. It can be an
    arbitrary collection but is not a tree like its
    predecessor vtkMultiBlockDataSet. Any further grouping
    of the blocks will be done by the use of SIL data
    structures, which will be supported later.
    Also added basic IO support for these data types.
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