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    refactor vtkHardwareSelector device state management · 503d68d2
    Burlen Loring authored
    This patch refactors device dependent OpenGL state
    management code used only by the vtkHardwareSelector
    out of vtkOpenGLPainterDeviceAdaptor and into the
    new vtkOpenGLHardwareSelector class and decorates the
    old vtkOpenGLPainterDeviceAdaptor API with VTK_LEGACY.
    In vtkOpenGLHardwareSelector added a check for and
    load of the GL_ARB_multisample extension before using
    it. This fixes failing tests in ParaView with MS GDI
    OpenGL 1.1 driver which doesn't support multisampling.
    Change-Id: I450802a58d346be801fe0bc74841619cccb17075
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