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    Cast in vtkGetLibraryPathForSymbol macro · 42a82f14
    Julien Schueller authored
    For windows, the vtkGetLibraryPathForSymbol macro calls
    `GetLibraryPathForSymbolWin32(const void* fptr)`:
      vtkResourceFileLocator::GetLibraryPathForSymbolWin32(reinterpret_cast<const void*>(&function))
    When called from:
    `vtkPVPluginTracker.cxx:119:  const std::string vtklib = vtkGetLibraryPathForSymbol(GetVTKVersion);`
    the type cannot be enforced in the macro and the pointer to the GetVTKVersion version function must be cast,
    else it leads to:
    vtkResourceFileLocator.h:108:56: error: invalid conversion from ‘const char* (*)()’ to ‘const void* [-fpermissive]
    Backport: paraview/release
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