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    ENH: Use pose matrices instead of camera parameters for VR controllers · 803d3a32
    Csaba Pinter authored
    It is easier to manage controller pose as a matrix instead of the (pos,wxyz,ppos,wdir) variables that the ConvertPoseToWorldCoordinates function calculates. A function called ConvertOpenVRPoseToMatrices was added that calculates the matrix. It is used in various places in addition or instead of those variables.
    A PhysicalToWorldMatrixModified event is added to vtkOpenVRRenderWindow to enable notifications to the application when the physical scaling, translation, etc. changes.
    Small changes:
    - Fix incorrect sign of VR physical to world matrix translation
    - Fix gesture end event invocation (Trigger button release was checked instead of Grip, as it is done for press)
    - Add comments for physical to world ivars and controller pose camera style variables for easier understanding
    - Remove unused PoseTransform member variable from vtkOpenVRRenderWindowInteractor
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