1. 28 Jan, 2011 2 commits
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      ENH/BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and enhancements to AMR · f3bd58ea
      George Zagaris authored
      Fixed minor bugfixes with dimensions being improperly
      set in vtkUniformGrid & vtkAMRBox. Re-implemented the
      method. Albeit slower, it is working with Enzo data well.
      Added functionality in vtkAMRBox to compute physical
      coordinates of a given point based on the corresponding
      i-j-k computational coordinates & extended vtkSerializable
      to provide support for object serialization and deserialization.
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      ENH: Introduce AMR-Kit & Base/Utility Classes · b203e6df
      George Zagaris authored
      Introduce AMR-Kit in to the build and two additional
      classes: (a) vtkSerializable and (b) vtkAssertUtils.
      The AMR-Kit is geared towards encapsulating all of
      the AMR infrastructure & algorithms. vktSerializable
      defines a pure abstract interface for all serializable
      objects. Last, the vtkAssertUtils is a singleton class
      provides functionality for self-checking that is enabled
      only when -DASSERT_ON is provided.
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