1. 13 Aug, 2013 4 commits
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      Merge topic 'ExpectEOFsIn3DS' into master · d132ee85
      Bill Lorensen authored
      631d795b Reads past EOF are expected
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      Reads past EOF are expected · 631d795b
      Kevin H. Hobbs authored
      The vtk3DSImporter reports errors like :
      ERROR: In /home/kevin/kitware/VTK/IO/Import/vtk3DSImporter.cxx, line
      vtk3DSImporter (0x75cd20): Pre-mature end of file in read_word
      on almost every machine in the dashboard.
      I did a bit of poking around with gdb and std::cerr, and it looks like
      these reads past the end of the file are not at all unexpected.
      For example parse_face_array uses read_word to read the number of faces
      and then to read what I assume are the face vertex ids: a failure here
      is catastrophic.
      Then even though importer->GetFileFD() could be at the end of the file
      it calls start_chunk which calls both read_word and read_dword to see if
      there is another (sub?)chunk to parse into.
      This commit adds two new functions peek_word and peek_dword that are
      exactly like read_word and read_dword except that they do not report an
      error when they read past the end of the file.
      peek_word and peek_dword replace read_word and read_dword in start_chunk
      where the read past the end of the file is not an error.
      read_dword is now unused
      Because read_dword is now unused, it should be removed.
      Stop leaking render windows
      Hopefully X and Mesa have advanced to the point where we can delete the
      render window without error.
      If any tested configurations still have trouble let us work around them
      more precisely.
      Change-Id: I90a68d1241379886d38d150ba00816d869c6675f
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      Merge topic 'CMake-Immediate' into master · 8497b42d
      Zack Galbreath authored
      1f965eec ENH: Remove superfluous IMMEDIATE option from CMake CONFIGURE_FILE
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      ENH: Remove superfluous IMMEDIATE option from CMake CONFIGURE_FILE · 1f965eec
      Brian Helba authored
      In CMake 2.0 and higher (since 2005), the IMMEDIATE option to
      CONFIGURE_FILE is implicit:
      Change-Id: I60e48f767d33e0a364dfc9cafd9821836b2f3f43
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      Conservative elimination of !null checks before 'delete' · 890a9760
      Sean McBride authored
      C++ guarantees that delete 0 and delete [] 0 do nothing.
      Older buggy compilers that didn't honour this are no longer
      supported by VTK.  Conservatively removed many "if (!ptr)"
      checks before using delete in /Common.
      Change-Id: Idf185d675e516e7fb5a8a745fd3dbf9720035325