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      Add script to upload content-linked external data files to MIDAS · ce185b24
      Matt McCormick authored
      Port the Utilities/Maintenance/ArchiveTestingData.py from ITK to VTK.
      Add the VTK Community on the Kitware Midas server as a resource for
      downloading VTK ExternalData.  This improves robustness against failed
      connections with the Apache file server, protection against the other
      server going down, and a web interface to examine and download the
      individual files.
      Add a script to upload all files corresponding to the content links in
      the source tree to the Midas server.  Make the paths of the files mirror
      the content link location within the source tree.  Obtain the files from
      a local ExternalData object store.
      Change-Id: I2dc9234d3ab0499dc2196e68d2c967d9445e10d7