1. 18 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      Allow the examples to specify what modules to use. · 733ef2dd
      Andrew Maclean authored
      This approach demonstrates good programming practice by only
      linking to the needed modules.
      It also removed the need to set CMP0020 to NEW in all cases
      except those examples that link to Qt.
      The include(${VTK_USE_FILE}) has been removed from the
      top-level CMakeLists.txt file as it is unnecessary.
      The solution presented here will work with the Examples built
      as a stand-alone folder or within the VTK tree or with the
      individual examples.
      They have been tested on Linux, Windows VS2012 Express,
      Mac OS-X 10.9 using Qt5.1.1.
      Change-Id: I0572a395b2ebc6630db8c1407f410a584f668a85
      Signed-off-by: Andrew Maclean's avatarAndrew Maclean <andrew.amaclean@gmail.com>
  2. 28 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      Eliminating CMP0020 warnings in the examples. · bb20b9df
      Andrew Maclean authored
      If VTK is built with Qt5 and CMake >= 2.8.11 CMP0020 warnings are generated
       in these examples. Setting CMP0020 to new eliminates these warnings.
      This warning happens because the examples link to ${VTK_LIBRARIES}
      which, inside the VTK build tree, is all libraries built including
      those that use Qt.  The policy is set as a workaround in these cases.
      A future submission will modify these and other examples to just
      use the needed libraries.
      Change-Id: Iea460773065ed55880b198eeaeec3da3b711c258
      Signed-off-by: Andrew Maclean's avatarAndrew Maclean <andrew.amaclean@gmail.com>
  3. 17 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      ENH: Migrate examples to VTK6 · 1995122e
      Bill Lorensen authored
      1) Add Find_Package(VTK COMPONENTS) for each example dir
      2) Add MAC app support
      3) Use ${VTK_LIBRARIES} for target_link_libraries
      4) Use new signature for add_test
      Each set of examples can be built within the VTK bin tree or as
      stand-alone examples.
      Change-Id: I6daa126bcc2ed44d827b50954d27f90f394ad4f2
  4. 09 Apr, 2012 1 commit
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      Remove trailing whitespace from all source files · 2d323fc4
      VTK Developers authored
      Exclude ThirdParty, Utilities/MetaIO, and Utilities/KWSys as these
      are maintained outside VTK.
      Co-Author: Marcus D. Hanwell <marcus.hanwell@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Chris Harris <chris.harris@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Brad King <brad.king@kitware.com>
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      ENH: Driver for AMR to uniform grid resampling · d361dded
      George Zagaris authored
      A simple driver that resamples an AMR dataset to
      a uniform grid. The resulting uniform grid can
      then be opened and volume rendered in ParaView.
      In addition, instead of resampling the entire
      AMR dataset, just a portion of the AMR dataset
      can be selected.
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    • George Zagaris's avatar
      ENH: Adding AMR dual-extraction example/utility · 7d29869c
      George Zagaris authored
      Adding AMRDualExtractor example to the repository --
      A utility that demonstrates and tests the functionality
      of the vtkAMRDualExtractor object. Further, common
      functionality for AMR data that is employed in developing
      AMR examples is now consolidated in AMRCommon so that this
      functionality can be more readily reusable.
  18. 23 Mar, 2011 1 commit
  19. 14 Feb, 2011 1 commit
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      ENH/BUGFIX: ImageData-To-StructuredGrid Updates · a15996f0
      George Zagaris authored
      Inherited from vtkStructuredGridAlgorithm instead
      of vtkDataSetAlgorithm. Fixed floating point issue
      by setting the points array to be double precision.
      Added simple example code that demonstrates the use
      of the filter and a corresponding test for the filter.
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      ENH: Setting up build of examples to always be an outside project. An in-tree... · fe7fc7e9
      Brad King authored
      ENH: Setting up build of examples to always be an outside project.  An in-tree build will produce a custom target that builds it as an outside project using ctest --build-and-test.  Once VTK is built the examples will be built.  The output paths are setup to put the examples in the VTK bin directory so DLL builds will work out of the box.
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