1. 29 Nov, 2011 2 commits
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      COMP: Fixing allocation of points, static allocation does not work on VS · 654cd26c
      Jeff Baumes authored
      Change-Id: Ie00af11904dc48e924af413d42c10f93011f22e2
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      ENH: Enhancements to vtkTulipReader and new support for clusters. · 568b8e05
      Colin Myers authored and Jeff Baumes's avatar Jeff Baumes committed
      1. Fixed previous behaviour whereby properties were assumed to be on
      both nodes and edges, leading to empty arrays being added to the
      graph when properties are only set for either node or edge.
      2. Node and edge pedigree ids are added that retain the id values given in
      the input Tulip file.
      3. Added double property type.
      4. Updated vtkTulipReaderTestProperties to cover 1, 2, and 3 above.
      4. Added ability to read clusters.
      Clusters (subgraphs) are output as vtkSelectionNodes within the
      vtkAnnotationsLayer on output port 1. Nested hierarchies are
      5. Added a filter to convert a vtkPolygon to a polygon of the convex hull
      of the points in the input. The filter ensures visibility by adding extra
      points and/or scaling the hull up. Static convenience methods provide a
      similar function, with vtkPoints as the input/output. Adding a vtkRenderer
      allows a minimum size in pixels to be specified.
      6. Added a filter to display graph annotations.
      The new filter takes a vtkAnnotations layers containing selections
      of vertices from a vtkGraph. Each node of the selection is
      represented by it's convex hulli/bounding rectangle.
      6. Added a test (TestTulipReaderClusters) that uses new
      functionality in vtkTulipReader to read in and display
      clusters/annotations, covering 4, 5 and 6 above.
      7. Added a test (TestConvexHull2D) to exercise the static methods
      in vtkConvexHull2D.
      Change-Id: I424a0a02e9ac82fdce78d931819f1dffce25796e
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