Commit f4ca4013 authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi Committed by Marcus D. Hanwell
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COMP: remove unnecessary const cast from vtkWrapPython.c

parent 43923671
......@@ -1705,7 +1705,7 @@ static void vtkWrapPython_GenerateMethods(
" temp%d = (%s *)vtkPythonUtil::GetPointerFromSpecialObject(tempH%d, (char*)\"%s\", &tempH%d);\n",
" temp%d = (%s *)vtkPythonUtil::GetPointerFromSpecialObject(tempH%d, \"%s\", &tempH%d);\n",
i, theSignature->ArgClasses[i], i,
theSignature->ArgClasses[i], i);
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