Commit f19a52ba authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi Committed by Marcus D. Hanwell
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COMP: revert vtkVariant "ToType" method check from bool[1] to *bool

Changing these args to bool[1] was experimental, it allowed me
to use them from Python.  Now things are back to how they were.
parent c48b3cca
......@@ -1048,91 +1048,91 @@ vtkVariantToNumericInstantiateMacro(unsigned long long);
// Callers causing implicit instantiations of ToNumeric
float vtkVariant::ToFloat(bool valid[1]) const
float vtkVariant::ToFloat(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<float *>(0));
double vtkVariant::ToDouble(bool valid[1]) const
double vtkVariant::ToDouble(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<double *>(0));
char vtkVariant::ToChar(bool valid[1]) const
char vtkVariant::ToChar(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<char *>(0));
unsigned char vtkVariant::ToUnsignedChar(bool valid[1]) const
unsigned char vtkVariant::ToUnsignedChar(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<unsigned char *>(0));
signed char vtkVariant::ToSignedChar(bool valid[1]) const
signed char vtkVariant::ToSignedChar(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<signed char *>(0));
short vtkVariant::ToShort(bool valid[1]) const
short vtkVariant::ToShort(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<short *>(0));
unsigned short vtkVariant::ToUnsignedShort(bool valid[1]) const
unsigned short vtkVariant::ToUnsignedShort(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<unsigned short *>(0));
int vtkVariant::ToInt(bool valid[1]) const
int vtkVariant::ToInt(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<int *>(0));
unsigned int vtkVariant::ToUnsignedInt(bool valid[1]) const
unsigned int vtkVariant::ToUnsignedInt(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<unsigned int *>(0));
long vtkVariant::ToLong(bool valid[1]) const
long vtkVariant::ToLong(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<long *>(0));
unsigned long vtkVariant::ToUnsignedLong(bool valid[1]) const
unsigned long vtkVariant::ToUnsignedLong(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<unsigned long *>(0));
#if defined(VTK_TYPE_USE___INT64)
__int64 vtkVariant::To__Int64(bool valid[1]) const
__int64 vtkVariant::To__Int64(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<__int64 *>(0));
unsigned __int64 vtkVariant::ToUnsigned__Int64(bool valid[1]) const
unsigned __int64 vtkVariant::ToUnsigned__Int64(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<unsigned __int64 *>(0));
long long vtkVariant::ToLongLong(bool valid[1]) const
long long vtkVariant::ToLongLong(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<long long *>(0));
unsigned long long vtkVariant::ToUnsignedLongLong(bool valid[1]) const
unsigned long long vtkVariant::ToUnsignedLongLong(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<unsigned long long *>(0));
vtkTypeInt64 vtkVariant::ToTypeInt64(bool valid[1]) const
vtkTypeInt64 vtkVariant::ToTypeInt64(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<vtkTypeInt64 *>(0));
vtkTypeUInt64 vtkVariant::ToTypeUInt64(bool valid[1]) const
vtkTypeUInt64 vtkVariant::ToTypeUInt64(bool *valid) const
return this->ToNumeric(valid, static_cast<vtkTypeUInt64 *>(0));
......@@ -277,59 +277,59 @@ public:
// If it holds an array type, cast the first value of the array
// to the appropriate type.
// Fail if it holds a VTK object which is not an array.
float ToFloat(bool valid[1]) const;
float ToFloat(bool *valid) const;
float ToFloat() const {
return this->ToFloat(0); };
double ToDouble(bool valid[1]) const;
double ToDouble(bool *valid) const;
double ToDouble() const {
return this->ToDouble(0); };
char ToChar(bool valid[1]) const;
char ToChar(bool *valid) const;
char ToChar() const {
return this->ToChar(0); };
unsigned char ToUnsignedChar(bool valid[1]) const;
unsigned char ToUnsignedChar(bool *valid) const;
unsigned char ToUnsignedChar() const {
return this->ToUnsignedChar(0); };
signed char ToSignedChar(bool valid[1]) const;
signed char ToSignedChar(bool *valid) const;
signed char ToSignedChar() const {
return this->ToSignedChar(0); };
short ToShort(bool valid[1]) const;
short ToShort(bool *valid) const;
short ToShort() const {
return this->ToShort(0); };
unsigned short ToUnsignedShort(bool valid[1]) const;
unsigned short ToUnsignedShort(bool *valid) const;
unsigned short ToUnsignedShort() const {
return this->ToUnsignedShort(0); };
int ToInt(bool valid[1]) const;
int ToInt(bool *valid) const;
int ToInt() const {
return this->ToInt(0); };
unsigned int ToUnsignedInt(bool valid[1]) const;
unsigned int ToUnsignedInt(bool *valid) const;
unsigned int ToUnsignedInt() const {
return this->ToUnsignedInt(0); };
long ToLong(bool valid[1]) const;
long ToLong(bool *valid) const;
long ToLong() const {
return this->ToLong(0); };
unsigned long ToUnsignedLong(bool valid[1]) const;
unsigned long ToUnsignedLong(bool *valid) const;
unsigned long ToUnsignedLong() const {
return this->ToUnsignedLong(0); };
#if defined(VTK_TYPE_USE___INT64)
__int64 To__Int64(bool valid[1]) const;
__int64 To__Int64(bool *valid) const;
__int64 To__Int64() const {
return this->To__Int64(0); };
unsigned __int64 ToUnsigned__Int64(bool valid[1]) const;
unsigned __int64 ToUnsigned__Int64(bool *valid) const;
unsigned __int64 ToUnsigned__Int64() const {
return this->ToUnsigned__Int64(0); };
long long ToLongLong(bool valid[1]) const;
long long ToLongLong(bool *valid) const;
long long ToLongLong() const {
return this->ToLongLong(0); };
unsigned long long ToUnsignedLongLong(bool valid[1]) const;
unsigned long long ToUnsignedLongLong(bool *valid) const;
unsigned long long ToUnsignedLongLong() const {
return this->ToUnsignedLongLong(0); };
vtkTypeInt64 ToTypeInt64(bool valid[1]) const;
vtkTypeInt64 ToTypeInt64(bool *valid) const;
vtkTypeInt64 ToTypeInt64() const {
return this->ToTypeInt64(0); };
vtkTypeUInt64 ToTypeUInt64(bool valid[1]) const;
vtkTypeUInt64 ToTypeUInt64(bool *valid) const;
vtkTypeUInt64 ToTypeUInt64() const {
return this->ToTypeUInt64(0); };
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