Commit f05117cd authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel

vtkPResampleWithDataSet: update for new diy API changes

parent cad967ee
......@@ -701,8 +701,7 @@ inline bool ComparePointsByBlockId(const Point &p1, const Point &p2)
// Send input points that overlap remote's source bounds
void FindPointsToSend(DiyBlock *block, const diy::Master::ProxyWithLink& cp,
void FindPointsToSend(DiyBlock *block, const diy::Master::ProxyWithLink& cp)
diy::Link *link =;
for (int l = 0; l < link->size(); ++l)
......@@ -809,9 +808,8 @@ private:
// Perform resampling of local and remote input points
void PerformResampling(DiyBlock *block, const diy::Master::ProxyWithLink& cp,
void *probep)
vtkCompositeDataProbeFilter *prober)
vtkCompositeDataProbeFilter *prober = static_cast<vtkCompositeDataProbeFilter*>(probep);
diy::Link *link =;
// local points
......@@ -1003,10 +1001,8 @@ private:
// receive resampled points
void ReceiveResampledPoints(DiyBlock *block, const diy::Master::ProxyWithLink &cp,
void *maskArrayNamePtr)
const char *maskArrayName)
const char *maskArrayName = reinterpret_cast<char*>(maskArrayNamePtr);
int numBlocks = block->InputBlocks.size();
std::vector<std::map<std::string, int> > arrayReceiveCounts(numBlocks);
......@@ -1175,17 +1171,16 @@ int vtkPResampleWithDataSet::RequestData(vtkInformation *request,
// find and send local points that overlap remote source blocks
// the lookup structures are no longer required
delete block.PointsLookup;
block.PointsLookup = nullptr;;
// perform resampling on local and remote points
master.foreach<DiyBlock>(&PerformResampling, this->Prober.GetPointer());
master.foreach([&] (DiyBlock* block_, const diy::Master::ProxyWithLink& cp) { PerformResampling(block_, cp, this->Prober.GetPointer()); });;
// receive resampled points and set the values in output
master.foreach([&] (DiyBlock* block_, const diy::Master::ProxyWithLink& cp) { ReceiveResampledPoints(block_, cp, this->Prober->GetValidPointMaskArrayName()); });
if (this->MarkBlankPointsAndCells)
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