Commit e5bd41eb authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi Committed by Kitware Robot

Merge topic 'qvtk-pyqt5'

edb1dc55 Remove the vtk.qt5 module (use vtk.qt instead).
ebac805b Consolidate the qt4 and qt5 python interactor widgets.
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Reviewed-by: Cory Quammen's avatarCory Quammen <>
Merge-request: !659
parents f8b0e234 edb1dc55
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ if(PYTHON_EXECUTABLE)
......@@ -216,10 +216,10 @@ if(PYTHON_EXECUTABLE)
# PyQt related files
# wxPython related files
A simple VTK widget for PyQt v5, the Qt v5 bindings for Python.
See for Qt documentation, and for PyQt.
A simple VTK widget for PyQt or PySide.
See for Qt documentation, for PyQt, and for PySide.
This class is based on the vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractor and is
therefore fairly powerful. It should also play nicely with the
......@@ -29,25 +30,65 @@ Changes by Phil Thompson, Mar. 2008
Changes by Rodrigo Mologni, Sep. 2013 (Credit to Daniele Esposti)
Bug fix to PySide: Converts PyCObject to void pointer.
Changes by Greg Schussman, Aug. 2014
The keyPressEvent function now passes keysym instead of None.
Changes by Alex Tsui, Apr. 2015
Port from PyQt4 widget.
Port from PyQt4 to PyQt5.
# Check whether a specific PyQt implementation was chosen
import vtk.qt
PyQtImpl = vtk.qt.PyQtImpl
except ImportError:
if PyQtImpl is None:
# Autodetect the PyQt implementation to use
import PyQt5
PyQtImpl = "PyQt5"
except ImportError:
import PyQt4
PyQtImpl = "PyQt4"
except ImportError:
import PySide
PyQtImpl = "PySide"
except ImportError:
raise ImportError("Cannot load either PyQt or PySide")
if PyQtImpl == "PyQt5":
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QWidget
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QSizePolicy
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication
from PyQt5.QtCore import Qt
from PyQt5.QtCore import pyqtSignal
from PyQt5.QtCore import QTimer
from PyQt5.QtCore import QObject
from PyQt5.QtCore import QSize
from PyQt5.QtCore import QEvent
except ImportError:
raise ImportError("Cannot load PyQt5")
import vtk
elif PyQtImpl == "PyQt4":
from PyQt4.QtGui import QWidget
from PyQt4.QtGui import QSizePolicy
from PyQt4.QtGui import QApplication
from PyQt4.QtCore import Qt
from PyQt4.QtCore import QTimer
from PyQt4.QtCore import QObject
from PyQt4.QtCore import QSize
from PyQt4.QtCore import QEvent
elif PyQtImpl == "PySide":
from PySide.QtGui import QWidget
from PySide.QtGui import QSizePolicy
from PySide.QtGui import QApplication
from PySide.QtCore import Qt
from PySide.QtCore import QTimer
from PySide.QtCore import QObject
from PySide.QtCore import QSize
from PySide.QtCore import QEvent
raise ImportError("Unknown PyQt implementation " + repr(PyQtImpl))
class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(QWidget):
......@@ -146,16 +187,15 @@ class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(QWidget):
# do special handling of some keywords:
# stereo, rw
stereo = 0
if 'stereo' in kw:
if kw['stereo']:
stereo = 1
stereo = bool(kw['stereo'])
except KeyError:
stereo = False
rw = None
if 'rw' in kw:
rw = kw['rw']
except KeyError:
rw = None
# create qt-level widget
QWidget.__init__(self, parent, wflags|Qt.MSWindowsOwnDC)
......@@ -181,9 +221,9 @@ class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(QWidget):
if 'iren' in kw:
self._Iren = kw['iren']
except KeyError:
self._Iren = vtk.vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractor()
......@@ -205,12 +245,10 @@ class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(QWidget):
#Create a hidden child widget and connect its destroyed signal to its
#parent ``Finalize`` slot. The hidden children will be destroyed before
#its parent thus allowing cleanup of VTK elements.
#self._hidden = QtGui.QWidget(self)
self._hidden = QWidget(self)
def __getattr__(self, attr):
"""Makes the object behave like a vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractor"""
if attr == '__vtk__':
......@@ -218,7 +256,7 @@ class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(QWidget):
elif hasattr(self._Iren, attr):
return getattr(self._Iren, attr)
raise AttributeError(self.__class__.__name__ + \
raise AttributeError(self.__class__.__name__ +
" has no attribute named " + attr)
def Finalize(self):
......@@ -349,8 +387,12 @@ class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(QWidget):
key = chr(0)
keySym = _qt_key_to_key_sym(ev.key())
if shift and len(keySym) == 1 and keySym.isalpha():
keySym = keySym.upper()
self._Iren.SetEventInformationFlipY(self.__saveX, self.__saveY,
ctrl, shift, key, 0, None)
ctrl, shift, key, 0, keySym)
......@@ -410,5 +452,115 @@ def QVTKRenderWidgetConeExample():
# start event processing
_keysyms = {
Qt.Key_Backspace: 'BackSpace',
Qt.Key_Tab: 'Tab',
Qt.Key_Backtab: 'Tab',
# Qt.Key_Clear : 'Clear',
Qt.Key_Return: 'Return',
Qt.Key_Enter: 'Return',
Qt.Key_Shift: 'Shift_L',
Qt.Key_Control: 'Control_L',
Qt.Key_Alt: 'Alt_L',
Qt.Key_Pause: 'Pause',
Qt.Key_CapsLock: 'Caps_Lock',
Qt.Key_Escape: 'Escape',
Qt.Key_Space: 'space',
# Qt.Key_Prior : 'Prior',
# Qt.Key_Next : 'Next',
Qt.Key_End: 'End',
Qt.Key_Home: 'Home',
Qt.Key_Left: 'Left',
Qt.Key_Up: 'Up',
Qt.Key_Right: 'Right',
Qt.Key_Down: 'Down',
Qt.Key_SysReq: 'Snapshot',
Qt.Key_Insert: 'Insert',
Qt.Key_Delete: 'Delete',
Qt.Key_Help: 'Help',
Qt.Key_0: '0',
Qt.Key_1: '1',
Qt.Key_2: '2',
Qt.Key_3: '3',
Qt.Key_4: '4',
Qt.Key_5: '5',
Qt.Key_6: '6',
Qt.Key_7: '7',
Qt.Key_8: '8',
Qt.Key_9: '9',
Qt.Key_A: 'a',
Qt.Key_B: 'b',
Qt.Key_C: 'c',
Qt.Key_D: 'd',
Qt.Key_E: 'e',
Qt.Key_F: 'f',
Qt.Key_G: 'g',
Qt.Key_H: 'h',
Qt.Key_I: 'i',
Qt.Key_J: 'j',
Qt.Key_K: 'k',
Qt.Key_L: 'l',
Qt.Key_M: 'm',
Qt.Key_N: 'n',
Qt.Key_O: 'o',
Qt.Key_P: 'p',
Qt.Key_Q: 'q',
Qt.Key_R: 'r',
Qt.Key_S: 's',
Qt.Key_T: 't',
Qt.Key_U: 'u',
Qt.Key_V: 'v',
Qt.Key_W: 'w',
Qt.Key_X: 'x',
Qt.Key_Y: 'y',
Qt.Key_Z: 'z',
Qt.Key_Asterisk: 'asterisk',
Qt.Key_Plus: 'plus',
Qt.Key_Minus: 'minus',
Qt.Key_Period: 'period',
Qt.Key_Slash: 'slash',
Qt.Key_F1: 'F1',
Qt.Key_F2: 'F2',
Qt.Key_F3: 'F3',
Qt.Key_F4: 'F4',
Qt.Key_F5: 'F5',
Qt.Key_F6: 'F6',
Qt.Key_F7: 'F7',
Qt.Key_F8: 'F8',
Qt.Key_F9: 'F9',
Qt.Key_F10: 'F10',
Qt.Key_F11: 'F11',
Qt.Key_F12: 'F12',
Qt.Key_F13: 'F13',
Qt.Key_F14: 'F14',
Qt.Key_F15: 'F15',
Qt.Key_F16: 'F16',
Qt.Key_F17: 'F17',
Qt.Key_F18: 'F18',
Qt.Key_F19: 'F19',
Qt.Key_F20: 'F20',
Qt.Key_F21: 'F21',
Qt.Key_F22: 'F22',
Qt.Key_F23: 'F23',
Qt.Key_F24: 'F24',
Qt.Key_NumLock: 'Num_Lock',
Qt.Key_ScrollLock: 'Scroll_Lock',
def _qt_key_to_key_sym(key):
""" Convert a Qt key into a vtk keysym.
This is essentially copied from the c++ implementation in
if key not in _keysyms:
return None
return _keysyms[key]
if __name__ == "__main__":
print PyQtImpl
"""Qt module for VTK/Python.
Example usage:
import sys
import PyQt5
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication
from vtk.qt.QVTKRenderWindowInteractor import QVTKRenderWindowInteractor
app = QApplication(sys.argv)
widget = QVTKRenderWindowInteractor()
renwin = widget.GetRenderWindow()
For more information, see QVTKRenderWidgetConeExample() in the file
import sys
# PyQtImpl can be set by the user
PyQtImpl = None
# Has an implementation has been imported yet?
for impl in ["PyQt5", "PyQt4", "PySide"]:
if impl in sys.modules:
PyQtImpl = impl
__all__ = ['QVTKRenderWindowInteractor']
"""PyQt v4 widget for VTK."""
"""PyQt v4 widget for VTK.
This module is a version of the vtk.qt module that requires Qt4.
If you do not specifically require Qt4, then use vtk.qt instead.
__all__ = ['QVTKRenderWindowInteractor']
"""PyQt v5 widget for VTK."""
__all__ = ['QVTKRenderWindowInteractor']
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